Lets see
our process

The process by which a single bottle of tequila is made speaks to the companies ethics, passion for the craft, and respect to tradition.

We use the highest grade ingredients and take no shortcuts.

Brick Ovens

At the heart of every agave plant is the piña bulb, which harbors complex flavors and the essence of tequila. Our jimadors remove the spiny agave leaves with the coa – an ancient blade – and slow-steam the foraged piñas in our brick oven saunas.

Roller Mill

Once the piñas have softened, we use a roller mill to crush and extract the mosto, the natural juices of the agave plant.

Open Fermentation

Our distillery experts transfer the mosto into open stainless steel tanks, where it naturally ferments with our super secret champagne yeast and fresh water.

Double Distillation

After several days, the harvest is double-distilled in copper pot stills

Agave from both the highlands and lowlands is used and gives the product a distinct profile. Each region offers a unique taste. The result is a more balanced, dynamic tequila.


Agave nurtured in the rich darker volcanic earth of the lowlands have a more earthy, peppery, and herbal
(masculine) profile.


Agave nurtured in the red clay soil of the highlands have a more softer, rounder, fruity and floral (feminine) profile.


The last step for our rested
expressions is to age our tequila in American oak bourbon barrels, that allows the wood to unlock the essence and hues that perfect each varietal