Tropical fruit, spearmint, lemon grass and fresh herbs

  • reposado

    Vanilla, red currants, apricots, butterscotch and toffee.

  • Añejo

    Cinnamon, spices, vanilla and fresh citrus.

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  • Luna Nueva Blanco, Reposado, Añejo

  • Luna Nueva Blanco 6-Pack

    Immerse yourself in the crisp and unadulterated spirit of Luna Nueva's Blanco. Distilled to perfection. This Blanco is the agave plant's spirit in a bottle.

  • Luna Nueva Reposado 6-Pack

    A golden treat aged to perfection in oak barrels. Hints of vanilla and smooth agave sweetness await in this harmonious Reposado celebration.

  • Luna Nueva Anejo 6-Pack

    Six bottles of time-aged richness and complexity. Let the amber hues and intricate character of Luna Nueva Añejo fill your gatherings.

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Reposado Tequila

The finish is long, smooth and
slightly spicy


Luna Nueva Silver Tequila

Luna Nueva Silver Tequila is a fresh and exuberant spirit with ideal clarify, a silky lightweight body and a wafting bouquet redolent with the aromas of tropical fruit, spearmint, white pepper, lemon grass and fresh herbs.


For people who live intentionally

Our story starts in Jalisco, the birthplace of tequila, under the darkness of la Luna Nueva. It was on one of these nights, in the sanctity of the mountains, that the dream of Luna Nueva was born.

Small batch, artisanal tequila made with
100% agave from the lowlands

and highlands of Jalisco, Mexico