our mission

In keeping with our commitment to be intentional in all that we do, and through our love for the ancient spirit of tequila, we strive to respect & honor the heritage of agave, the land that it grows on, and the people who grow it.

Our goal is to preserve the legacy of Tequila in the modern world by delivering a pure, unparalleled product, using
ancient traditional methods, and sustainable practices.


The purity of our tequila is extremely important to us. Some producers harvest their agave before it is fully ripe between 3-4 years of age to increase production, which causes the flavor to be bitter, necessitating the need to use added sugars and flavors to cover it up. Another money saving tactic some producers use is to forego the aging of the reposado and anejo, instead using colors and flavors to achieve the "age".

We harvest at full maturity, around 6 years old. This allows the agave to reach peak ripeness, which allows the natural vanilla and fruit notes to fully form. We also take the time to age our tequila in our bourbon oak barrels, which results in smooth, easy to sip expressions, that don't need added sugars or colors.


We believe in tequila made the old way. Quality over Quantity. As explained in detail in our process, we follow the traditional small batch method of production with ancient techniques that pay homage to tequila's roots.


Tequila is unique in that it is only made from agave grown in certain regions in Mexico. Because of this, tequila production has taken a huge toll on the environment in the region, and on the agave plant and bat populations specifically. We believe it is our duty as producers to be good stewards of the agave plant, the region of Jalisco, and the people who live there. We strive to reduce our impact, contribute a portion of our sales, and be a part of the solution in the following ways:

  • Instead of illegally dumping or burning the leftover agave fibers (which releases CO2 and pollution into the air), we compost the leftover fibers, and use it to fertilize the new agave crops.
  • The quiote is the giant flowering stalk that grows only once on every agave plant. Most quiote in agave fields are chopped off, so the plant's sugars go into the pena bulb to be used for tequila, instead of being used to grow the flowering stalk.
    Because most agave never flower, they are unable to feed the giant bat population that depends on agave for food, and are therefore not used by them to pollinate and reproduce. It is for this reason that most agave crops are grown from clones, which is why most of the agave in Mexico are related. This has made them prone to disease, and unable to ward off the many bugs and worms who eat it.

Luna Nueva supports The Bat Friendly Project and has committed a portion of our sales to them. For more information check out: https://www.batfriendly.org/home/